What can you do to save and reduce your energy consumption?

Reducing energy consumption in your home is a necessity for the environment, but also for your budget. Know that some very simple gestures to put in place will allow you to drastically reduce your bills and make considerable savings. Nothing like that for your wallet, but also for the planet. Here are a few good habits to adopt in order to limit your energy consumption and save on electricity. Top 4 to reduce your energy consumption:
  • Saving on electric heating consumption
  • Reduce spending on hot water consumption
  • Choosing the right actions on a daily basis to reduce consumption in the long term
  • Compare offers on an electricity comparator and change supplier

Save on heating

It is estimated that heating a house or apartment is the most important energy consumption of a dwelling. Therefore, it is essential to implement certain practices to effectively limit its use while maintaining a certain level of comfort. Here's how to save money on your electric heating:
  • First of all, know that the ideal temperature is between 19 and 20 degrees in the living rooms. In the bedrooms, an average of 16 degrees is considered optimal. In fact, you don't need to be warm when you sleep, quite the contrary! Therefore, the first thing to do is of course to lower the temperature in your home.
  • Then, unoccupied rooms do not need to be heated at all. Also, turn off the radiators in the guest room, if you don't have anyone in, in your laundry room or in an office.
  • The maintenance of your heating system is directly involved in reducing your energy consumption. A well-maintained boiler, as well as radiators that are vented every year, will allow you to heat less, while enjoying the same comfort.
When you're not at home, there's no need to heat! Installing a programmable thermostat is a good idea to save some money. It allows you, for example, to program your boiler to turn on one hour before you return home. You will then enjoy an optimal temperature.

Hot water consumption

Do you tend to take long, hot showers every day? Again, you'll have to change your habits. Start by reducing the temperature of the water in the bathroom, setting it to 55 degrees. Then, it's best to install mixer taps on your sinks, showers and other sinks. In addition to helping you reduce your water consumption, they allow you to reach the desired temperature more quickly, thus avoiding waste. The thermostatic mixer tap is also an excellent alternative. It allows you to reach the desired temperature immediately and is very responsive. Another question is: does adjusting a hot water tank during off-peak hours reduce your energy bill?

Good gestures and savings

Appliances also account for a large part of your daily energy consumption. Here are our tips to optimize their use and reduce their consumption in order to save on your electricity bill :

Reduce the consumption of the washing machine

If you can, prefer a low-temperature wash. Moreover, running a washing machine half empty represents a significant loss of energy. Therefore, it is essential to fill the drum in order to limit your consumption.

Saving the energy consumption of the dishwasher

Get into the habit of doing washes in economy mode by favouring low temperature programmes, and above all to take good care of this appliance, especially the filters. Even if it is true that your washing machine consumes very little energy, you can reduce your electricity bill by limiting pre-washes, which are mostly unnecessary.

Lower your energy bill with the tumble dryer

If you wish to drastically reduce your electricity bill, then we do not recommend using this device. Indeed, it is the most energy-consuming household appliance. For your information, the tumble dryer consumes nearly 17% of the electricity we call specific. We therefore strongly advise you to favour open air drying for your clothes to reduce your energy bill. In case you don't have this possibility, choose an appliance with a humidity sensor. This will allow the dryer to switch to standby automatically or to stop as soon as the drying process is complete.

Limit the consumption of cooking appliances

Did you know that it was possible to reduce your energy consumption by a factor of 4 simply by covering your pan when boiling water? You no longer have any excuse not to do so! Concerning the oven, clean it by pyrolysis while it is still hot. This is definitely the best method to save energy.
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