Climate Change

The IPCC report on land: what are the issues?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a special report on the so-called “land” sector (agriculture, pastoralism, forestry, etc.). What are the issues at stake and what are the main lessons to be learned? If the summer period is…

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Top 5 greenest cities

Responsible for almost half of greenhouse gas emissions according to the UN, cities face multiple environmental challenges, including energy, water and waste management, air quality and green spaces. Focus on the five most advanced cities in these areas. Zurich, 2,000…

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Carbon offsetting, a sustainable solution to fight global warming

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is becoming a priority for all of us, to save the planet. Focus on carbon offsetting, a global and altruistic solution to fight global warming. The greenhouse effect is a natural, and even necessary, phenomenon:…

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