Reducing energy expenses in the workplace

Any company concerned about profitability must reduce its overheads as much as possible. Heating and other energy costs are a major component of overheads and can have a significant impact on profits in the event of a rise in the price of oil or gas.

Reduce your energy costs!

Therefore, it is worthwhile to review the ways in which the company can reduce its energy costs and improve compliance with environmental protection standards. Indeed, energy consumption in residential buildings and business premises is responsible for 30% of the emissions of gases that cause the greenhouse effect. As a result, any effort to reduce a company's energy expenses translates into an increase in its profitability while constituting an act of good citizenship.

Reducing expenses means protecting the environment

For example, a company manager can limit energy wastage by grouping all electrical installations into a single management unit that is responsible for evaluating the optimization of energy consumption in each department. This can help, for example, to avoid duplication of effort that results in consuming twice as much electricity to perform a given task.

Insulate to save

Of course, the company must also have the thermal insulation of the real estate it owns evaluated, especially if it has offices in old buildings. The best solution is to have a diagnosis made by a qualified person. If this diagnosis reveals that the company's offices and warehouses consume a lot of energy, it is advisable to call for tenders from companies specializing in thermal insulation in order to find out the cost of the work that will make it possible to remedy defective thermal insulation. If the work proves too expensive, a move may be necessary. In addition, the performance of the heating and domestic hot water appliances installed in the company's offices should always be evaluated, especially if they have not been replaced for a long time. This type of appliance is quickly becoming obsolete due to the constant technological progress of the new models on the market. For example, a company may be able to significantly reduce its heating costs by replacing an old oil-fired boiler with a modern, efficient natural gas boiler. Finally, as far as retail businesses are concerned, they too need to pay attention to energy consumption. Thus, a person who wishes to open a shop and has a choice between several premises must systematically examine the energy diagnosis of each of them and take this diagnosis into account in making his or her final choice. They may agree to rent premises with a poor energy performance diagnosis if the problems found can be solved at a reasonable cost. Otherwise, it is better to choose a more energy-efficient room.
What can you do to save and reduce your energy consumption?
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