Carbon offsetting, a sustainable solution to fight global warming

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is becoming a priority for all of us, to save the planet. Focus on carbon offsetting, a global and altruistic solution to fight global warming. The greenhouse effect is a natural, and even necessary, phenomenon: it keeps the Earth at a temperature favourable to the development of life. However, human activity disrupts this balance. By releasing greenhouse gases, whose consequences on the environment are alarming, we are contributing to global warming. There are, however, simple steps that can be taken to reduce our CO2 emissions and help save the planet. It may be preferring bicycles to cars, showers to baths... However, industrialisation continues to progress and the population is increasing; it therefore appears complicated to act sustainably to reduce greenhouse gases. Carbon offsetting is one of the tools for reducing greenhouse gases and combating global warming. It consists of reducing one's own CO2 emissions through programs to reduce other CO2 emissions around the world. Carbon offsetting is an institutional obligation under the Kyoto Protocol but can also be voluntary. It therefore concerns States as well as companies and individuals.

What is carbon offsetting?

Everyone, from individuals to governments to businesses, produces carbon dioxide (CO2) which is released into the air - whether for heating, eating, using machines or travelling. This CO2 contributes to increasing the volume of greenhouse gases (GHGs), which are the main cause of global warming. The carbon offsetting approach is part of the concrete actions of sustainable development.

The carbon compensation system

Fortunately, the carbon offset system exists! By financing energy efficiency projects in developing areas, entities that emit too much greenhouse gas are awarded "carbon credits". These allow them to offset their "excess" CO2 emissions. Companies, individuals, local authorities, etc. can all take part in this approach. Since the regulation of greenhouse gases concerns the entire planet, carbon offsetting is a sustainable initiative that benefits everyone!  
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