Which devices to use for better and less consumption?

Simple to install, there are high-performance devices available to optimise your gas installation. And when you say optimisation, you mean energy savings!

The room thermostat

It allows you to determine and regulate the temperature of your home. There are different models: wireless, or with a more or less precise programmer... But all of them are easy to install. By opting for a programmable thermostat, you can choose where, when and how much you want to heat your home, for maximum comfort and energy savings. So you can lower the temperature by a few degrees during the night or if you are away for a few days! Tip: do not place your thermostat near a heat source so as not to disturb its operation. Ideally, it should be installed in the main room, about 1.50 m from the floor and 20 cm from a door.

The thermostat with an outdoor sensor

As its name suggests, the sensor with which this thermostat is equipped constantly measures the temperature of the outside air, in order to anticipate the weather. Thus, it allows your boiler's generator to react before your home cools down or warms up! It is ideal for very cold winters or for large houses that are difficult to heat. The average temperature of the boiler decreases throughout the season and its seasonal efficiency is improved. Tip: place the probe of your thermostat preferably on a north-facing fa├žade.

The thermostatic valve for radiators

Placed on the radiators of each room, it regulates the temperature according to the use of the room and makes the most of the free heat input (sunshine). The valves open and close according to the room temperature, to allow more or less hot water to pass through. A few tips: - do not place your thermostatic taps in the same room as the room thermostat ; - if your heating is off, leave the valves open to prevent them from blocking when your boiler is restarted; - don't forget to check that they are NF certified.
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