Renewable energies

New renewable energy technology

Producing all the energy the world will need while preserving resources and combating global warming.

Wind Energy

Wind energy

It is obtained by the force of the wind. Like solar energy, it is a process subject to the vagaries of the sky.

Solar Energy

Solar energy

Solar energy, both photovoltaic and thermal, represents the energy obtained from the sun’s radiation.

Hydraulic Energy

Hydraulic energy

It is generated by sea currents or the movement of water. On land, it is produced by dams and their turbines.

Energy Solutions For Individuals

Energy technology

Energy solutions for individuals

The use of renewable energy sources preserves natural resources and reduces combustion – the main way of exploiting fossil fuels – and therefore pollutes the air less. Moreover, renewable energies have the advantage of being free and unlimited. Both businesses and individuals can use them to produce electricity, hot water or a source of heating. More information on

Using solar energy to reduce electricity and gas consumption

The exploitation of heat from the earth’s soil: geothermal energy

Heating with wood is also part of renewable energy

The management of smart energy

Energy efficiency

Optimising energy consumption

Microgrids for energy utilities

Microgrids are widely used to optimise energy consumption and regulate the use of renewable energy. A microgrid connects to the grid and maintains a stable voltage as the main grid. It can be connected to a switch that can manually or automatically separate the microgrid from the main grid. More on

microgrid systems

Many institutions use the microgrid systems as a back-up power source to ensure uninterrupted operations in the event of a power failure.

optimise the energy

Microgrid systems typically incorporate a switch, an integrated system combined with a battery and/or solar panel to regulate and optimise the energy flow.

Microgrids For Energy Utilities

Smart Energy

Which optimisation solutions?

Electric cars

The main problem is to create a network connection with centralised management. Electric car charging service providers are looking for the most cost-effective solution to facilitate the management of equipment by operators and reduce the need for human intervention.


While this market is booming, there is a need to optimise the management and distribution systems for this energy. The new network and computerised monitoring solutions proposed make it possible to collect and analyse the data generated by the towers.

Solar panels

The creation of energy storage batteries allows solar panel users to use solar energy to power their installation at any time of day and not just when the sun is shining. Data analysis can be carried out at any time, facilitating predictive maintenance.

Solutions For A Greener Home

Energy sources

Solutions for a greener home

Unlike other non-renewable fossil fuels such as fuel oil, coal, gas or petroleum, their stock is almost inexhaustible, hence the importance of including them in our daily energy consumption, in a context of sustainable development.

Energy balance sheet

Energy balance sheet

You can simply carry out an online energy balance sheet to find out your energy consumption and find the best solutions for your home.

Ecological solutions

Ecological solutions

You will be presented with ecological solutions to adopt for a greener home. Sun, wind, water, biomass and geothermal energy are natural sources of energy that are constantly being renewed.

Energy transition and
renewable energies